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Nachos face pre-extinction by χ∂єωραωχ
April 5, 2008, 1:39 pm
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The title is true! The Nachos had just faced a wave of quitting!

It all happened a couple of nights ago, and some of the nachos were quitting. The leader of the Nachos. Zippy500 had this to say:

I could of quit the nachos and joined the ACP or RPF and would have been a really good ranked soilder. But no. I stuck with my army, the nachos, until the very end, so if you quit, the nachos dont need quitters like you in our army.

Zippy delivered this paragraph at least 2 nights ago, i cannot remember the date. The above was NOT exactly what Zippy said, but it is the main idea of his speech. The nachos will  not be moving to other games, much to Zippy500’s dismay. He wished to move to Maple Story.



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I declined the offer, I have my own site to run and all that. Sorry, its just my desicon. Thanks for the offer, Dialga

Sheila: Thats ok. Thank you for considering!

Comment by dialga80

This website is still a good read.

Comment by dsip

This website is very interesting. It gives alot of information.Keep up the good work.

Comment by Raven511426-WW Head General

I read your comment and I understand. I will like to join but I dont understnad why I should quit my site, so can I join even if I don’t quit my site. Also your site is off to a nice start

Comment by peguin21795

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