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~News For Today~ by χ∂єωραωχ
April 6, 2008, 6:22 pm
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Hello everyone! Sheila here, and we are about to get a monster-of-a-post!


News for R.P.F.:

The RPF leader, Commando717 (I think i got it right) has announcement that he is retiring, he claims he is outgrowing Club Penguin. He said,

Oagalthorp isnt the only one who left, so did Mpenguin123. I believe my time is coming too, well at least on the CP side of things. I know that I am not being a good leader at the moment, its hard getting on for me. School, just being in the 8th grade. Being 14. You just dont have the time for a game like Club Penguin. Well dont jump to conclusions, because I will still be on CP for a little while longer. But my time to retire is also soon. But I will still be in the Halo and Runescape branches.. mostly Halo though. 

As you can see, we need something to spice up this era of armies. We have lots of army leaders quit/quitting, as listed below:

Zippy500 announced retirement in summer

Oagalthorp Quit

Commando announnced retirement plans

UMA leaders (Too many im not listing them)

News for Nachos:

The nachos had a retirement party for Wii Fan, but Wii Fan did not show. Is this a act of shyness,shame, or just a plain mistake? Please comment if you know!

The Nachos also have faced a small wave of quitting, but just went up in size as many penguins including me joined the Nachos. I hope the Nachos will be able to be boosted up in size! They also came out with new ranks. Shadow, the nacho ammbassador, is having a “Pimp Igloo” contest. See nacho site for more info. -In major army sheet- The nachos also gave out many land grants.

News for ACP:

The A.C.P. Have not had much news lately. Fort orders were to patrol mammoth so they know who there protectors are. I feel that was a wise move.

Did i miss anything?



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Hi Sheila. Can I report for Acp or RPF, SSACP,OR PRA. I am in them all.I really like your site. I would love to report for Snowflake times.Thanks.
Hello there! We will be adding you to a contibutor, so we approve what your posting first. Thank you for sticking with us!

Comment by General Jedimaster17

Hey Sheila Gally my brother said “Sure I guess?” but u have to hire me before him cause i get to him and tell him and get to you which u email me and then u ask for more and and and… its so confusing! ~Sahfah~

Comment by Sahfah

It’s about the pictures u wanted on club penguin like player cards and pictures and ummm… it fun writing i guess bye! ~sahfah~

Comment by Sahfah

The pictures i want is just for a header.
Please email me, you know me email later.

Comment by xsheilagallyx

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