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DIAGLA80 QUITS CP! by χ∂єωραωχ
April 13, 2008, 2:44 pm
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Today is a dark day for the Watex Warriors as they saw their beloved leader, Diagla80, quit club penguin.  He had one of the BEST retirement parties I have ever been too! I give it a 8 1/2 on the Charm-O-Meter!

Now for the more serious stuff 😆 :


Diagla named some names that helped him get there, and I thought the speech was actually one of the best quitting-speeches I have seen. Here are some quotations if your too lazy to go to http://wwofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/

And read it yourself….


Diagla Said:

When the BB fell to RPF and WW troops, I took over as leader of the WW with Gambler. Together, we have made the WW a strong army, and we have never been beaten on Club Penguin ever since me and Gambler took over. We fought against the Marine Corps to defend Tundra, fought ACP for Mammoth, and FGR for Tundra itself.


  • Ark 428
  • Spartan 450
  • Swemaj11
  • Troopx113
  • Raven5111426
  • Mumble05
  • Blak Mafias
  • Aquino94
  • Gambler21777
  • Wii Mountain
  • Ziggyufriend
  • and everyone i fought with, this list could go on forever.


  • Commando717
  • Yo4848
  • Flameboy125
  • John Borne
  • Kg 007
  • TayTay(beleive it or not, i had a great time with this dude)
  • many more here aswell


  • Nicole
  • Theoriginalme
  • Admiral1234
  • Themouse10
  • Golaba
  • Abercrombie29
  • Jackfrost357


  • Fort57
  • Ricopetbob
  • Tom Yellow
  • Rapidy
  • Lucario98765
  • Boomer 20


  • Spaceybirdy


  • Klimster/Snowy 559
  • Blast46
  • Lopez 007
  • Doiksy


  • Shadow2446
  • Cycle22
  • Rlin
  • Zippy500

These people made my club Penguin life as enjoyable as possible. I will miss all of them, and many more people I will never forget. I would also like to thank the Club Penguin Team, they made this game a ton of fun for me, and i enjoyed it.





Untill then, i expect WW to fight on and never give up. You guys were my motivation through my Club Penguin years, and I hope that WW lives on to be an army remembered. FEVER FOREVER!


  • This were Diagla’s last words. Did I miss anything?
  • ~Sheila


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    Thank you Sheila for posting this. It means alot to the WW. Your site is a great read. Has all the news I need to know.


    Comment by Raven511426-WW Warlord

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