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The “Empire”? by χ∂єωραωχ
April 13, 2008, 10:24 pm
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Hello everyone! I was enjoying some pizza at the Pizza Parlor today when I heard screams. I jumped into my ACP uniform and got my camera ready, and I saw them.

 The Empire. This Army has no known wordpress, and has great influence over the residents of Club Penguin. The Empires motto is, Hunt or be hunted. This is why this unoffical army MUST be stopped.





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Could be anyone. There’s the Nacho Empire, although I don’t think this is them. There’s the Imperial Penguin Army (hollister765.wordpress.com) but their site doesn’t say anything about Mammoth or a war with ACP. Unfortunately, I have no other suspects. If ACP is really so concerned about this, I suggest they start a CIA to investigate this unofficial invasion.

Comment by Young&Handsome

i agree with u young

sigh if we could get info ww could fight!!!!
but no info so far

its time to create a new cp account and get some info

psa scout squad leader-

Comment by hippiemanboy

I agree. My advice to my fellow ACP is patrol Mammoth if you can. An Intelligence branch would be a good thing for ACP, but who would lead it?

Comment by ACP Embassador 1

If this info is any help, please reply.

Comment by Jarlo777

Keep the comments by Jarlo secret because I sent him the link to this blog so I could ask more questions.

Comment by Jarlo777

Sheila plz plz plz delete my 1st and 3rd comments, I don’t want the Empire to know that we’re on to them. Get the information to Fort, and get it classified. Plz and thanx.

Comment by Jarlo777


Comment by News report

Okay, more info. Hamsolo777 quit the Empire. He said he’s thinking about rejoining ACP. I also noticed that the person saying “I’m a empire” in the pic is Denny727. As far as I know she has no army experience, but she did go around Nacho servers saying “Nachos suk even though I am one”, robbing shops, and stealing wallets.

Comment by ACP Embassador 1

She is on my buddy list, so I found that particularly interesting

Comment by ACP Embassador 1

hey sheila can i put the empire pic on my site

Comment by shostoppers

Here is more info. I don’t know if they are the Empire we are looking for, but they have invaded Mammoth: http://imperialcp.wordpress.com/

Comment by ACP Embassador 1/A Navy Ambassador

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