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ACP Declares Martial Law To Stop Terrorism by χ∂єωραωχ
April 16, 2008, 3:15 am
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Today, the former leader of ACP, Oagalthorp, non member, came back to the ACP site (“I am not coming back, he said to reporters.) and made a martial law on the current ACP leader’s, Fort57, member, most recent post. He made orders that EVERY ACP SOLIDER, including me, had to patrol Mammoth and Blizzard at least once a day and make sure no hostile armies (The Empire) were there. He made recruiting orders, as well as clearing out ANY hostile armies in a squad, during the law’s time. He made orders that if you are in other armies, ACP must be your main army. Sounds like to me Oagalthorp is coming back.

Otherwise, Fort is just standing there and letting Oagalthorp take over again, when he QUIT! How can he still give out orders? Don’t YOU think that Fort should take a stand, and say, “Hey, you quit. ACP is my army now.” Don’t mean to be rude Oagal, but you retired.


On the terrorism side, this is mainly because of smaller armies that have high influences over penguins that are civillians and do not participate in wordpress armies. Armies like:

The Red Raiders

The Agents

The Rescuers

The Empire (Biggest Threat)

We MUST stop this terrorism! We know it is only a internet game, but as a wise men once said, “Monkey see, monkey do!” This is a bad influence on the younger penguins, this is why it MUST BE STOPPED.

Did I miss anything? I accept comments and your thoughts on this, any info about this would be greatly appreciated! ~Sheila

PS: We are almost at 2,500 hits! Please keep advertising, and keep reading us to stay in the know!


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They should espicially explore Blizzard. It’s off limits to any wars due to it’s being preserved for the famous wildlife. This is the last forest with wildlife, because the ice berg wolves died out along time ago. This is also why I objected to acp owning it, because I didn’t want the wolves to leave the forest to attack them. They don’t attack the way we do, they do hand-to-hand combat and magic.

Comment by tidlefin

I agree. Terrorism stinks. God Bless Freedom loving penguins!


Comment by dsip

bb is rebelling against acp too. bb is causing terrorism on mammoth.

Comment by justinbronze

Who are the BB and what is their site?

Comment by Young&Handsome

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