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War. by χ∂єωραωχ
April 20, 2008, 7:20 pm
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I am sick of our rivals, CP news and stories, making fun of me, putting bad things about me on their site, and so much. If they don’t stop, I will stoop to their level and It will be WAR. So Shaboomboom, you better stop if you don’t wanna get destroyed. I have upgraded the sites security so it is new and better. A whole new Snowflake Times will be coming soon. Keep reading us!

Update: They declared war on us. Well well.



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Sheila, can you not blame me please. I quitted and did nothing, plus Shaboomboom never listened, so its his problem.

Comment by peguin21795

well im not gonna stop showin ppl the truth and im gonna go low( stop usin my insults to try to insult me it makes me jealous) and stop moderating all my comments

Sheila: Well, We moderate ALL the comments. And if you want war, congrats. You will be sorry.

Comment by Shaboomboom

Please Sheila, I worked hard on my site with my dad, and i dont want to end. My dad’s already angry at Shab and you

Comment by peguin21795

then why did u quit ur site peguin?

Comment by Shaboomboom

It doesnt matter about fighting to see whose blog is the best, but having fun, but you and Shab never listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im tired. Cant you two sort it out?

Comment by peguin21795

IDRC if your dad’s mad at me. And you quit, so stop sticking your nose in others peoples bussiness.

Comment by ♥Sheila Gally♥

sheila be nice to peguin and peguin i want war to finally shut sheila up

Comment by Shaboomboom

sheila im about to hack cp news and stories for you. i just need them to say more bad things and then. im hacking them for you.

Comment by Justinbronze

I’m evacuating with Coleshaw because both of us feel unsafe

Comment by peguin21795

Sorry sheila about everything!

Comment by sahfahfunco

You won’t believe what they said about you!

Thankfully, I knew it was all a lie because homos hate Jews and Asians yes they hate us really bad that’s why the Holocaust happened!

Comment by Proud ACP Soldier/Jaster 777

Also, if you don’t believe me about what I’m saying about the homos hating Jews and Asians, consider this:
Jews and Asians get the bad stereotypes
When someone gets picked on because of their race, they shove the problem aside. When a homo gets picked on, they scream “homophobic” and stuff.
The Nazis killed several Jews. Many participants in the Nazi party were LGBT. Read Elie Wiesel’s Memoir Night (a record of his experiences as a Jewish Holocaust survivor) if you don’t believe me.
Those homo fools have a double standard. You can hate people cuz of their race, but not cuz of their sexual orientation.

Comment by Proud ACP Soldier/Jaster 777

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