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Elites by jedimaster17
April 25, 2008, 7:23 pm
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Hello I am Jedimaster17. Greetings.

Fort57 the leader of ACP has deemed it necessary to declare war on the Elites. The Elites have made several false accusations claiming to own mammoth and the like. Also he wishes that all ACp soldiers log onto Club Penguin and protect the Mammoth Dojo from the Elites. The ELites apparently POSTED their invasion plans on their website. The Ninja’s wear a Ghost suit, green flippers, scuba tank, night vison googles, and the hockey stick.While their leader 77ninja77 is on his igloo is open.

Waddle on!

~Jedimaster [IR,B,Col,C,L]


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I want to join the ACP. The thing is mammoth is always full. How do I get in? My penguin name is ipodRH>

Comment by Rita

Hi Jedi! Ca va? Nice post!

Comment by peguin21795

Thanks Penguin. I really appreciate it! Rita go ahead and join. Its on the blogroll.

Comment by Jedimaster17

sweet post jedi your the best!

Comment by joe bonz

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