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Elites a problem? by χ∂єωραωχ
April 26, 2008, 1:31 am
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There is a new CP army called Elites. They have influence over the citizens of club penguin and have good troops and hack their site hits, so they look huge. 😐 Here is a pic of their leader, currently on many armies wanted lists:

The ACP is putting out the, except the Martial Law, and The Nachos are assisting them. There are small battles going on at the Mammoth Dojo right now. We must stop the elites, so if you are a lazy penguin that enjoys watching armies, we need YOU in ACP! Join ACP Today at ACParmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com !


Get off your chair, and join the A.C.P.! Your server needs you! You need to HELP YOUR SERVER! Don’t let those penguins take over your HOME! Get your your uniform ready, pack some snowballs and JOIN THE ACP! AND FIGHT FOR THE FREEDOM OF CLUB PENGUIN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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The stole my armies name

Comment by freshzac

They didnt hack it, because you can choose what you call the thing after your number of hits.
So there hits were 800 and for the name they put in something like ,000 hits.
So it looks like 800 ,000 hits
But you can notice a space. Thats where the real number ends.

Comment by Nick

hey sheila can the club penguin advance its a newspaper for club penguin be on your blogroll?if we could we will put you on ours.go to http://clubpenguinadvance.wordpress.com/ for todays issue

Comment by clubpenguinadvance

wwe are allies with them sheila.The nachos are at war wit them though but we rnt.I made the truce and fort declared it

Comment by Capuzzi

You Dont Need to Join the ACP to to this, smaller armies like the NMA and the EPF are attacking them. The Elites are just a bunch of big bullies

Comment by beachpig


Comment by clubpenguinadvance

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