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IW Slammed by Nachos by χ∂єωραωχ
May 3, 2008, 10:02 pm
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Hi everyone! Sheila here, and I have some news on the IW VS Golds & Nacho war. I took this information from my friend Terrking24’s site,  http://rebelnachos.wordpress.com/ . They also give out news. Check it out sometime! Here is the scoop from ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!:

The Nachos and Golds SLAMMED  warriors.as u notice in the pictures golds have grown humongous.i lead the second part of the battle. That was fun ) here some pics:

Here is what Zippy had to say after the battle:

It was A long and hard battle but nachos and golds won it! Golds are becoming a great ally and i would like to speak to their leader some time to set up some nacho and gold servers. I advice that rpf should start helping us in this war. Iw are a threaat to them, they are taking rpf servers with outh the rpf even knowing it. So please rpf come aid us in this war against iw. A message to icey: give up man, your making a mistake by contining this war. Leave the rpf servers and leave the usa region and this war will end. If you dont your army will be destroyed by us, golds, acp and hopfully rpf. Good job to those who were at the battle! You guys did great.

In other news no one was at the A.N.T.A meeting today. It was not well oragnized i guess, all different times were set up and not all armys knew what chat to go to. Hopfully the next A.N.T.A meeting will be more organized then this one.

Here is the next battle time we will be having with IW

Sunday 4th May

2:00 EST

11:00 PST

Sub Zero dojo!

Remember the more battles you come to the higher chance you will be promoted.

Good luck and fight hard! -Zippy500

I will not be attending that battle due to a birthday party.



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My name is Pinkey2we. I have a site thats not about clubpenguin. its http://www.luhy.wordpress.com Can you please add it to your blogroll! as soon as you add it, if you do, comment that you did and you will be on my blogroll!
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Comment by Pinkey2we

Golds only have loads of troops cause Shab, when he was leader of ACP ordered people to join golds. you could say they cheated people out of ACP

Comment by Lil Ongie

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