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News for today by χ∂єωραωχ
May 5, 2008, 10:31 pm
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Hi everyone! Here is your news, as listed for U.M.A., A.C.P., R.P.F./R.G.F., and S.S.A.C.P , and Nachos.


The UMA got new ranks, and Aber found out about the secret note at the end of the catalog.


The ACP are preparing for practice wars! There will be practice wars in a tourtament, and you can ask people to be on your team, I would like to be on team 3. The winners of the tourtament, I am pretty sure there is no prize right now, but you will be remembered and a ACP legend! In other news, nothing is happening.


The RPF are having a second in command debate to see who shall be second in command. Nothing much to see here, folks!

Nacho News:

The Nachos had a hacker on their site who hacked it because he hated Me. I admit I have a lot of enemies, but that was downright mean, he messed with my posts and made me seem like a huge jerk. 🙄 In other news, the Nacho Co-Leader disappeared again, and Shadow will become Co-Leader in the summer when Zippy retires. The Nachos are assisting The Golds in the fight against I.W.. That is all.

Did I miss anything?



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Ace is a downright jerk o_0.
Ace = Poop
With a capital P 😉

Comment by Tidle Fin

😉 And you ish cool lol

Comment by Sheila Gally

yup he’s right. at least ace came clean, thats the only good thing i can say about him. by the way could you visit my site? http://woton1.wordpress.com

Comment by cpwoton

I visited, cool!

Comment by Sheila Gally

Akabob22= Also known as Bob the 22!

Comment by Penguin with no N

Sorry to hear about what Ace6161 did. Did the Nacho leaders do anything to help you, or do they not care about their soldiers?
Akabob 22 keeps disappearing? That’s not good for the Nachos, might lead to them falling. Rumor has it ACP will fall when ACP is more stable and stronger than Nachos.

Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

I say this because our leaders don’t disappear.

Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

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