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Site Update, News, and more by χ∂єωραωχ
May 10, 2008, 4:37 pm
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Site Update:

Hello everyone! I went to a tour of a newspaper yesterday. It was very cool. They had a old printer we explored, and they viewed this site. 🙂 The new domain is up! Sheilagally.com ! 😀

We have 2 new authors, Terrking24 and Tidle Fin! They are the trustworthy authors! 😉

Army News

The ACP’S practice wars were canceled due to the elections. They will be done next week, and impersonators are taking on the ACP blog. Remember, if they don’t have their site when you click on their name, its not them. Like people who try to impersonate me would put sheila gally instead of my WordPress name. 😉

The Nachos editor, Flameboy125, has quit the Nachos to join RPF as a second in command. So there are elections to see who will become the new major general, vote for Terr, he really does care.

RPF is currently selecting a new Co-Leader, and the Golds made a forum. It is a somewhat peaceful time in CP.  


Did I miss anything?




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