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The ACP Dance by χ∂єωραωχ
May 11, 2008, 1:21 am
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The ACP Dance was tonight! We enjoyed Goodbeer™ products, chit chatted, and danced the whole night away! If you wish to know, my buddy could not come.  😦 Here is a pic:

Woot! Vote me for Governer of Ice Burg!



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Hey Sheila, I’m sorry I couldn’t come to the dance, and I hope you aren’t angry.No! 🙂 I asked people on the ACP Chat to tell you that I couldn’t come, but apparently they didn’t. 😦 Some of them are jerks…. ._.

You do think it was me who stood you up didn’t you? No!Because I was gonna ask you if you’d like to come to the dance with me. ^_^ I will go with you next time!

Sorry again,
Kid Robot

Thats ok, that is not a big deal, you do not need to feel bad. I went alone, and it was just as fun. Lets go again sometime, its no big deal! 😀 You are also welcome to work on sheilagally.com if you want! ~Sheila

Comment by Kid Robot

sheila can u advertise this on your site?


Comment by Luc

The ACP blog didn’t say anything about a dance…

Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

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