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Vote for new ACP leader? by χ∂єωραωχ
May 24, 2008, 12:44 am
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Oagalthorp came back today to lead a battle. Fort is letting ACP decide who is going to lead.

I will list each leaders good qualities and bad:

FORT57: Good: Likes to ally, is strong in battle, and likes to throw parties, and is nice. Bad: Says IDK and IDC way too much, has little error in spelling, and has banfests.

OAGALTHORP: Good: Never gives up, has good sense of humor, and does not use foul language as like all the ACP leaders but not others. Bad: Makes way too many “Final Posts”, is somewhat hated by other armies, and n00bs spell his name wrong. Lol.

Who should YOU vote for? I voted for Oagalthorp. He was leader when i joined, and I THINK HE SHOULD LEAD ACP.

Click http://www.luckypolls.com/12188/who-do-you-want-for-acp-leader < ThatVote for who you think, you do not have to share your decison.




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What about me? 😛
Fort is not quiting.


Comment by Pharaoh Tom

No offense, but I think Fort is way better. Oagalthorp is just not in his prime anymore.

Comment by beachpig

Oagalthorp always gives other armies bad impressions about himself. Isn’t the face paint your rarest item? Because the face paint in August and that wizard hat was October and there was this picture of you in this red face paint.

Comment by Nick

Ah. The html is broken. And you are right Nick.

Comment by Sheila The Great

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