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Army News – 26th May 08 by k
May 26, 2008, 5:16 pm
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1. The traitor is revealed

2. Nachos vs. SSACP Update

1. The SSACP revealed the identity of the traitor/hacker. It was Arrosso12 (also known as Arosso13). He has been fired from the SSACP.

2. The Nachos vs. SSACP war is today. Click here to see a summary of what is going to happen. I have decided I will make one of those for every major war that happens. The war will probably be SSACP’s biggest yet.

Note that the SSACP own the West Side of UK Servers, and the UMA own the East Side. If the Nachos accidentally attack a UMA Server, Abercrombe29 has confirmed that she will not hesitate in going to war with Nachos.

The Nachos originally had 3 main targets against the SSACP: the servers Snow Drift, Breeze and Wind Chill, however after a discussion, the Nacho Council decided that they would not be attacking SSACP servers. The upcoming battles will be waged only on Nacho land.


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P.s: Your header is…. UBER CUTE like usual. 🙂

Comment by Headofpolice

Head, if you know who it was, tell us.


PS: Sheila Gally’s header is perfectly fine. I don’t know who the characters are because I’m not a Pokemon expert, but let people express themselves! 🙂

Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

fort might retire is what i am hearing. this aint good because we wil lose a good leader.

Comment by blete acp corporal

The first spelling should be Arosso12 not Arrosso12 and Head it was me so now I’m a Nacho and I will soon get a really good rank.

Comment by Arosso13

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