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May 26, 2008, 2:33 pm
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Hi, here is the news:


Are you ready for a great battle? Today Nachos and SSACP will be brawling to take the servers!

ACP will be defending SSACP. They will not be invading, but protecting themselves.


From the cute anime Pita Ten! =^_^= Misha is a angel and training and loves (Stalks) Kotaru, and her friend is a demon named Shia. This anime is about their daily lifes and how Kotaru deals with “The wierd girls next door”. and this is the theme song.

Sorry the post was so short….

I am going to be absent for 5 days starting on Thursday, and by some miracle I might come on like every 3 days -_-‘


Yotsuba.jpg yotsuba image by mangaman01

~Sheila Gally


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Wow! Did you know my sis is really into anime too?

Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

Well not all anime but she really likes Naruto.

Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

Lol. I know someone who likes Naruto, her fave is Kakashi.

Comment by Sheila The Great

Kakashi is Naruto’s sensei. Wait a minute…do you know my cousin’s daughter. I forgot who her favorite character was, but she lives on the East Coast.

Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

that anime video is strange but kinda cute.

Comment by seaneahwk

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