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Army News – 30th May by k
May 30, 2008, 7:18 pm
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As you know, Sheila will be on vacation for 5 days, so I will be covering for CP News. Have fun Sheila!

Sheila: WTH? I leave for 5 freaking days and everyone QUITS! I hope Oagal comes back to lead. I will be running for third in command. 🙂 PS: My wordpress comments are on Sheila Gally (On Vacation). I spell correctly, so be on the look out for any impostors. I joined VLA, but if I don’t get a rank higher than general, I will quit. We will miss you Fort. PS: CPIP Testers, look in your inventory for a “Red Suprise!”. I gotta go, the sun is shining, and the beach is waiting. (My time limit is dying. ^.^’)

And if you quit ACP, here is a message for you:


┏┫    |||┣┓ ┏┓
┗┫━━ ┃ ━━┣┛   ┣┫
 ┃ ━━━━━ ┃  ┏┳┫┣┳┓
 ┗━━━┳━━━┛  ┃    ┃


1. Commando is coming back

2. Head fired from SSACP

3. Fort quits ACP!

1. Commando717 made a post a few days ago to say he is coming back. He confirmed it today with another post saying that he is not coming back to Club Penguin, but he is coming back to help with the actual site, and will also still be making the Halo 3 RGF branch.

P.S. Ignore the post by Kyle Cease that says that RPF are going to war with ACP. Kg has confirmed that the two are not going to war.

2. Headofpolice was fired from the SSACP today, by Cooltiger413. Cooltiger didn’t give any specific reasons for firing him.

3. Yep, the bit of news that you all want to read. Fort57 has quit the ACP and started up his own army, the Viking Liberation Army. He didn’t appoint a new leader, and just left the army without any warning whatsoever. This is mostly due to Oagalthorps backseat driving of the ACP, but Fort57 also said that he wanted to start his own army and have full freedom over it. So far, lots of high ranked ACP such as Lucario98765, Rapidy, Boomer20 and Shaboomboom have quit ACP and joined the VLA. Could this spell doom for ACP?

Head and TomY have taken the matter into their own hands. Tom Yellow will be the new ACP and DRACP leader, and Headofpolice will be the new second in command. They will be holding an election to find the new 3rd in command.

Unforunately, neither of the two were available for interview. TomY however said that he was somewhat nervous about leading the army. I would be too, lots of people are quitting and rebelling the army. Headofpolice also stated that he will stand by TomY, and said that “If TomY quits, I’ll quit”.

We will have to wait and see how this turns out.


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shiela how did u make a wordpress without the wordpress.com at the end for example like insted of ur blog being called sheilagally.wordpress.com itz shielagally.com?plz tell me how!

Kid Robot: When you have a WordPress you can go to the Dashboard and click Upgrades then Domains. You must buy 15 credits for 15 dollars.

You can then upgrade to a .com address rather than a .wordpress.com.

I believe this costs (15 dollars) a year.

Comment by Jabelbo Boy

No Taytay said they were going to war with ACP so that everyone would read the post. This was the second sentence: Be sure to remember to always fight the good fight and that this post is fake and just an attention grabber for the boring news to come

Comment by ~Extreme the great

Oh thanks for telling me Kid Robot. But unfortunatly I only have five cents and that’s obviously not enough.

Kid Robot: Other people can also donate money to you. If you really want a .com, you could put a message on your site seeing if anyone wants to donate.

Comment by jabelboboy

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