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Army News – 31st May 08 by k
May 31, 2008, 9:52 pm
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1. ACP vs… everyone?

2. Headofpolice quits

3. WWIV?

1. A number of armies have declared war on the ACP, including: Nachos, Watex Warriors and VLA, Fort’s new army. At the moment ACP have no allies in this war.

2. Headofpolice (a reasonably good friend of mine and a high ranked member of the ACP) announced today that he is quitting. This is very sudden and very unexpected and I think it will hit the ACP hard. Although lots of people are angry and annoyed with Head, I still think he was a good, loyal soldier. At the moment I don’t know what TomY has decided to do.

3. With all of these uproar going on, it seems like a fourth world war is right around the corner. And similarly to how the January War (some people think this was World War 4) was, it looks like it will be ACP versus most other armies. It looks like the upcoming weeks are going to be hard for the ACP.

P.S. ACP have a new chat room. Click here to go there.

P.P.S. I managed to get a word with Dialga80 (leader of the Watex Warriors). Here is what he said.

I didn’t know ACP would fall apart when I declared war. Me and Fort had it planned for a while…Me, Fort and Shadow [Nachos] had something like this planned. VLA and WW planned together. We started planning when Fort began thinking of retiring, about 3 days ago [27th May]. I didn’t know ACP was going to fall apart!


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