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How wrong I was… by k
June 2, 2008, 9:02 pm
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Well the ACP are back and better than ever. Firstly, I would like to link to this excellent post  [even if it did kind of take the rip out of Britain ;)] by Boomer20 of the ACP. It just shows how much we pwn as an army, lol.

WWIV (World War Four) has pretty much officially begun. Watex Warriors have dropped out of the war, and a couple of armies have switched sides. Here are the fractions as they currently stand.

RPF, UMA, ACP, VLA V.S. Nachos, Golds, IW

A few smaller armies will also be taking part, I just named the main ones I could think of.

UMA are also going to war with Golds due to the Golds hacker that hacked the UMA site. Click here for a list of battle times.

I think that covers just about everything for today.

P.S. Sheila, I think we should add some more stuff/pages to the site. I’ll give you a full list of ideas I have when I next see you on the ACP chat.


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Sorry for the British thing, I was just trying to make a connection others would understand. I have nothing against Britain (It’s where a lot of my relatives are from). Thanks for linking to the post. The dedication and determination of ACP’s soldiers really inspired me. I think the post is one of the best things I’ve written 🙂


Kid Robot: It’s OK, I was only joking really. 😉

Comment by Boomer 20

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