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I’m Back by χ∂єωραωχ
June 2, 2008, 10:49 pm
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I am back! ^_^ I heard Fort came back. I will get back into the swing of things by Wednesday. TY to you Kid! I am having a author contest, the commenters get to enter. You choose a great CP army General and write about what made him/her awesome, cool, and a great general. It has to be a general or higher, no leaders. I will choose the best.



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Shaboom is a great General. He cares about all of the soldiers, and always comes to wars. He should be promoted to Field Marshall. SEE THIS FORT, FIELD MARSHALL!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Arosso13

ill be in!1st!

Comment by batista1822

ill be in it

Comment by Shaboomboom

Ill enter

Comment by Nodear

tiger is a great acp general cause hes kool. Hes smart and helped out tomy at the battle on sun. he also is the leader of ssacp, an awsome friend, and everyone likes him.

Comment by Shaboomboom

did i win??

Comment by Shaboomboom

I’ll enter. Tiger is an excellent general because his is likeable, intelligent, and nice. One of his several herois deeds is that he helped Tom Yellow at the great battle on Sun. He is the leader of SSACP, and excellent leader. He manages SSACP very well, and attempts to be demorcratic, which says a lot! In conclusion Cooltiger413 is an awesome, and popular general, a great Friend, and a strong leader.

Comment by jedimaster17

Uh, it takes longer than that XP we need more entrants

Comment by Sheila The Great

i want to enter. but please wait until monday. i have to be gone until sunday.

Comment by seaneahwk

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