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Updates, yeesh… by χ∂єωραωχ
June 5, 2008, 10:47 pm
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Ok, here is a monster of a post, filled w/ updates and more.

The Newspaper Issue. I need someone to post the Newspaper now and again. -_-

The CONTET WINNER. Congrats, (Highlight)> Jedimaster17!

Army news.


I need someone to do the Newspaper, please comment if you can. TY.

Army news:


The ACP leader has came back. The ranks are messed up a LOT. Some people claim they are second in command, others don’t. It’s a odd time. Lots of new authors were added. ^_^

SSACP: There is a SSACP hq. Copy, copy! 😆 JoJoFishy quit, and he was a great friend.

VLA: Nothing much, Shaboomboom was made leader. Let the mobs begin. 🙄

UMA: Looking for a new theme song. 😀


Konichwa everyone, and I am here to announce a change in SheilaGally.com! This summer we will….

  • Give out FREE memberships!
  • Have CRAZY parties!
  • Give out coins! 1000-3000!
  • More authors!
  • And a awesome Hula Party COMING SOON!

The hula party will be held on Saturday for showing SUCH SUCCESS on this site. Get your best penguin self ready! Do you have the courage to ask out a date? We will see! Here is the catch: WE MUST HAVE 10,000 HITS! Reccomend it to your friends, advertise, and get more hits on here. You will win Guest of Honor at the party, and you may win something else. So keep on advertising.

Did I miss anything?



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Cool. I want to come to the Hula party!



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