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Banned. :o / K.R. Plz See by χ∂єωραωχ
June 7, 2008, 2:38 pm
Filed under: SheilaGally.com

I got banned for 3 days for no reason. I am TOTALLY complaining to Club Penguin Support. Dangit.

Kid Robot, I want you to cover ALL ARMY NEWS from now on. Ok?

~SHEILA, ANGRY AS |-|3|_|_


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I wish it was me who got banned instead of you, Sheila the great. T-T

Comment by Abe the n00b

Calling all democrats!! Who wants who for president of the UNITED STATES

Comment by Ark428 Temporary WW leader

Lol, I edited his comment, AND OBAMA BBY!

Comment by Sheila The Great

pshhhhh ive been ban 4 times and they havent baned me fover yet.sooooo take a diuce
p.s. thats not a bad word they us in it tennis

Comment by thief man46(tipper1118)

The same thing happened to me too! Person1233 got banned for 72 hours but now the ban is down to 10 hours.

Comment by penguinperson

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