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I hereby retire from SSACP. by χ∂єωραωχ
June 8, 2008, 3:04 am
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Hello, and I am retiring from SSACP. I hate the Co-Leader dearly. I am quitting the Secret Spy Agency of Club Penguin because I am not appreciated. So Shab, if you keep it up, it will be ACP next.

I might retire from  ACP because most of the ppl I hate are co-leaders and such. I hate most of the people there, and there are a precious few who are nice to me. So keep it up, and I will quit.

This has been Sheila Gally.


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fn shab

Comment by batista1822

Well actually this ACP has too many stuffed people:
Fort57: TRAITOR!!!
Tom Yellow: Doesn’t take things seriously enough
Headofpolice: Highly hated with lots of ACP
Texas Vs A: Hardly active
Oagalthorp: Highly hated outside ACP
Shaboomboom: Too many enemies
Chrisdude: Annoying guy
Noobs: Exactly what their title is.

Comment by ~Extreme the great

The ACP was never good anyways.


Comment by Guymed

Um, Guymed, don’t need to be rude, but everyone has different sides of opinion. 🙂

Comment by Sheila The Great

wow thats the pretty much the truth extreme, except about for

Comment by terryking24

I no that. Lol…

Comment by Guymed

I need to start an army more than anyone else. At least, if other armies can stand it…

Comment by Guymed

Check this image, if you want…

Comment by Guymed

cool army. too bad u quit though. check out


Comment by ___*bm!$+*___ aka blackmist100

could I work here? This site rocks.

Comment by Guymed

Uh, Sure. I will need to know your email and such. You will be a author. ^-^ I would like you to cover clothing catalogs and stuff like that, and could you do the newspaper.

Comment by Sheila The Great

Sheila plz dont leave acp !! 😦 😦

Comment by wgfv

Sheila please don’t leave, or at least not because of one person!

Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

My wordpress e-mail is:


Comment by Guymed

Make me editor and I’ll post more weapons.

Comment by Guymed

(for the army shop)

Comment by Guymed

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