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WATER PARTY 08! by χ∂єωραωχ
June 13, 2008, 4:11 pm
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And also the new play. 🙂

The Memorial at the Pool.

The Duckie at the Cove.

The Hose Everywhere.

The Ice Cream Apron at the Plaza.

The Seashell necklace at the Beach.


I saw Fever in Tundra. He didn’t accept my buddy request. 😦

~Sheila G Of CP



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Yo Shiela,
Since were friends again. You wanna work on my new cheat site. http://www.cpcclubpenguincheatscpc.wordpress.com just comment if ya wanna help.


Comment by bednow

Yep the party is really cool!

Comment by ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1

I just looked at your hits. WOW! YOU ROCK!
I cant believe u mocked the Nachos for only having 100,000 hits.
No, I didn’t MOCK them, I said the ACP should have a party for 600,000 hits while you guys are having a party for 100,000 hits. 🙄

Comment by hollow2446

i like headofpolice

Comment by terryking24

hi p sheila. or is it sheila p.

Comment by Jcapp64

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