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Luc’s rebelling? by χ∂єωραωχ
June 15, 2008, 2:10 am
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Luc, one of the ACP commanders, has made a speech concerning head. See my thoughts in italic.


Fort And Zippy



Level 45 on MapleStory, trust me it takes a long time.

Same level of experience as Fort.



Uses ‘mob’ tactics.

Gets the job done, dedicated.

Whos stronger?


Oagal or Shadow



Leads Nachos into tactics twice a week.

Actually has new tactics that his solders do



Uses year old tactics.

Leads ACP to victory.

Shadow or Oagal?


Akabob or TomY



Has high ranks in many armies.

War experience.



Major Blogger.

Major Vid Maker.

Akabob or TomY



These are my personal opinions.


Now tell me.

Would you promote someone who did a igloo or project etc

Over some one with lots of war experiance?

No offense, but in rl you dont get promoted cuz of a silly project.

A project means nothing.

War experiance means everything.


I remember the old ACP.

Orcacam and penquin jim lead ACP through many battles along with oagal.

Penquin jim kept us updated.

Orcacam lead us against invaders.


Good Times

Good Times






Ps. Head irdc if this affects my rank. infact if you demote me, you show ACP isnt a democracy, its a dictatership.

Pss. i aint jealous head. but i dare you go up to a real life amry leader n say ‘my house is army theme will i get promoted’ n see wat happens


Well, Luc, this is a army, and we don’t need your opinions, and how the |-|3LL are we gonna ask a rl army leader that? You should think before you post, and I somewhat agree, Head IS a dictator, but this all we end someday, but lets just hope it’s after our time now. The song that fits this armys situattion is Our Time Now by plain white tees.


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