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Practice Battle Turnouts by χ∂єωραωχ
June 16, 2008, 3:36 pm
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I wasn’t at the battle, but I am trusting the former ACP leader, here is what he said:

Well, it was a tough battle. Due to some time and location confusion, we only arrived at about half strength. But we regrouped in the Snowforts and build up our army until we were large enough to face the Ice Warriors and Nachos. At the Snowforts, the UMA and RPF quickly attacked, but we beat them back easily with a series of charges, forcing the UMA to retreat and the RPF to completely diminish. Soon the Golds, too, decided to attack, but were also quickly destroyed and were out of the battle.

While the Nachos were waiting to ambush us in the Cove and Forest, they encountered the UMA. While they were duking it out, the Ice Warriors attacked the Snowforts in large numbers due to the newly formed tactic of Double Teaming (I will get to that later). It was a stand-off, so we decided to head to the Plaza to regroup, because we found information that the Nachos had retreated to the Mine and were being pursued by the UMA.

As the ACP and Ice Warriors were losing soldiers, we decided to run into the Nacho ambush to get a four-way battle going, giving us time to gain recruits. As we entered the Cave, the Nachos poured in with the remaining UMA soldiers. Here we quickly charged and defeated a Nacho blockade of soldiers with a Chat Bomb and a well-coordinated charge. The Nachos retreated to the Boiler Room, and we pursued the running troops. It was about even, when one portion of the ACP fled to another room due to a mis-communication. The battle raged into the Lighthouse, then the Cove, and in the end, the ACP won!

The Nachos think it was a tie, the UMA thinks the ACP won, the ACP thinks the ACP won, the Ice Warriros think it was a tie, and the other armies are not certain quite yet. But I’ll count it as a win, because even at half-strength, we still managed to win/tie. Good job soldiers!


~Sh-Sh-Sh-Sheila 😆


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