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June 24, 2008, 5:41 pm
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Here is the misson 8 guide!
. Talk to G

2. Go to the Dock

3. Talk to Herbert

4. Take the Lantern

5. Go back to the Gadget Room and talk to G

6. Go to the Town, you’ll see the pieces of the map fly by

7. Go to the Snow Forts

8. Click the part of the map on the flag

9. Go to the Plaza

10. Talk to the penguin with the newspaper

11. Go to the Pizza Parlor

12. Talk to the penguin at the desk, ask for the pizza the penguin with the newspaper wanted

13. Take the pizza

14. Go back to the Plaza

15. Give the pizza to the penguin, ask for the newspaper

16. Put the newspaper in your inventory, and separate the part of the map and the newspaper

17. Go back to the Town

18. Go to the Coffee Shop

19. Talk to the penguin, ask to help him pick up the cookies

20. Click the cookies on the ground

21. Drag the cookies in to the pot

22. Go back

23. Take the cookie

24. Go back to the Town

25. Give the cookie to the Green Puffle

26. Go back to the Gadget Room

27. Take the the Brown Fedora Hat behind G

28. Go back to the Coffee Shop

29. Ask for another cookie

30. Take the cookie

31. Go back to the Town

32. Give the Brown Fedora Hat to the Green Puffle

33. Give the Green Puffle the cookie

34. Take the other half of the map

35. Go to the Lighthouse

36. Ask the orange penguin for the balloons

37. Take the ballons

38. Ask the purple penguin for a barrel of Cream Soda

39. Take a barrel, DO NOT SHAKE IT YET

40. Take the net by the barrel of fish

41. Go to the Sports Shop

42. Take the pegs

43. Go back to the Gadget Room

44. Take the hammer off the wall, above the desk, next to G

45. Go right until you see a helium tank

46. Click it

47. Go back and talk to G

48. Ask for the Super Helium 1000

49. Go take the helium tank

50. Go to the Dock

51. Go in to the hole that Herbert made

52. Go right until you see 2 tunnels

53. Use the map to find your way through all the tunnels, the map is different every time

54. When you go through the first tunnel, it will be dark, turn on the lantern, and continue

55. After the last tunnel, you will see the door to the Gift Shop

56. Inflate a balloon with the Super Helium 1000, and put it away

57. YOU MUST DO ALL THIS VERY QUICKLY! Shake the barrel, but not to much, and put it under the Gift Shop

58. Go back to the Town

59. Put the balloon on the top of the Gift Shop

60. Put the net between the ground and the Gift Shop

61. Put the pegs on the net

62. Hammer in the pegs

63. YOU DON’T HAVE TO HURRY ANYMORE Go back under ground

64. Go through all the tunnels again

65. Where the Gift Shop used to be should be a tunnel, go through it

66. Take out your spy phone

67. Take out the wrench

68. Unscrew the blot on the back of the machine, that’s holding the gear in

69. Take the gear

70. Go in to the entrance to the left

71. Talk to Herbert

72. Talk to G on the spy phone

73. Click the boiler

74. Connect the pipes from beginning to end

75. Go back

76. Talk to G on the spy phone

77. Go back to the HQ

78. Talk to G

79. Give the gear to G

80. Your done! Collect your Medal and Gift

^0^ Have a good time!


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