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News. Before I leave. T-T by χ∂єωραωχ
June 25, 2008, 3:29 pm
Filed under: SheilaGally.com

Hiyas, and here is a up to date news:

Rapidy coming back?

Yes, it’s true. The once-great ACP general may be coming back. But will his hate for Head keep him away? Sheila Sama is on the scene, giving you the news.

Ok, are you planning on coming to back to ACP?  Yes, but for that to happen Headofpolice will have to be gone.

What are your thoughts on the new ACP? It sucks. -No Offense ACP- Because ACP was so much better with oppurtinuty. Now there isn’t any. And authors argue as if it’s their’s a job.

Why did you *Dissapar* ? Well, for one, I got caught. My parents. Don’t like warfare. 😕 Caught me fighting. Ouch. 😐 Then I got grounded for internet violence, for 2 weeks.

Ty for your time. ^_^ Cya soon.



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