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Rise of Slash by χ∂єωραωχ
July 4, 2008, 3:58 am
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Note: This was based on my experience today but is not based on Sheila. Based on a made up character.

Dark Past

One day I was sitting in the dojo, watching n00bs fight. As PSA agent, I need to. I saw a PSA agent and another agent whispering about something. I strutted up to them and asked if they needed help. They strictly replied it was confidental, and I showed them my PSA badge. They shooed me to the HQ, only to be showered with a million questions. What were you doing? Why are you armed with a pocket knife and grenades? What’s in the bag? Have you seen this penguin?


I shook my head and gulped at the guns being pointed at me. As I was cleverly trained by a Veteran, I played innocent. Why would someone like me do such a thing as rob? I only have medicine in my bag….I’m a medic. The knife and grenades are for my protection….Oh. Well, take her to security and have her empty her bag.

I was taken to security. I looked at the gaurd and kicked him. The alarms went off. I quickly ran and tossed the grenades behind my back. Dammit, catch her! She is spying for the M-Crew!I ran through the portal through the sports shop and caught my breath. The agents wouldn’t dare to come out of a clothing rack.

I caught my breath and saw several shady penguins chatting behind the coffee shop counter. The crew leader, Mario1997, had opened his igloo for robbers. I quickly put on a disguise and joined them. I’ll bring em to justice! I followed them to his igloo, took out my bottle, and threatened to spray.


Lmfao. What will that do?

You don’t wanna know.

Come on boss, you can take her!

I’m warning you…..


Sh*t! *Was slashed*


Thats what you get when you mess with the M-Crew.










Mario had been hit with anestethia. I stabbed him with my knife and cruelly glared at the gang members. I playfully sprayed some anastethia in their way. They jumped back like scared mice.

I cruelly laughed and dragged Mario to the PSA headquarters with a note attached saying, beware the penguin with a slash.

I was soon to be legend. I had killed another penguin. I looked at the scar I had gotten from fighting Mario. I looked at the coins and mask I had stole from him. I looked boldly into the sky and knew I would change history. I abandoned my dresses, my tiara, and I boldly dressed in a new way. I was no longer a normal penguin. I was now Slash.

To be continued…


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Comment by tomtwelve

Lame story ya got there… ya could put more action in it.

Comment by Guymed

I like it.
Too bad you can’t say some of those things on clubpenguin,
so you could make that into and actually series.

Lol. Ik. I felt this was totally random, the story?

Comment by abercrombe29

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