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An explanation about Order 67 by k
July 9, 2008, 9:13 pm
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Order 67 put simply involves the obliteration of all armies who are neither:

A) Allied with any of ‘The Big 5′: ACP, RPF, Nachos, UMA, IW’.

B) A member of the CPUN Community.

This will help to keep a track of the armies and the servers.

P.S. The ANTA and The Big 5 are essentially the same thing. The Big 5 is the name for the five armies collectively. The ANTA is the alliance and organisation formed with these 5 armies. I will swap these terms around as they are basically the same.

If you have a small army that you don’t want to die out, you probably have two main options:

A) Talk to one of the leaders of TB5 about an alliance. By allying with any of the ANTA Armies, you will be a part of ANTA Allies and will recieve a sort of protection. You will fight with the ANTA Forces in battles.

B) Sign up your army to the CPUN. By doing this, you will be joining up to the large group of small armies, who stand a chance against the massive ANTA Troops. You will fight with other CPUN Armies in battles.

If you are not in either A nor B you probably do not stand a chance of surviving. There are several hundred [if not thousand] soldiers in the ANTA alone, and a 20 man army does not stand much of a chance [to say the least] against these kinds of numbers.

Other sources may tell you that the ANTA Alliance involves you ‘surrendering your army to them’ but I don’t think this is exactly true. What it means is your army must be allies with any of the ANTA Armies and must follow the ANTA Rules.

Also you may think that what this post says is somewhat different to what the official Order 67 posts suggest, but I have talked first-hand to both Shadow2446 and Fort57 and they have essentially confirmed everything I have talked about in this post.

Originally I [and the Order 67 planners] thought that ANTA and CPUN would co-exist peacefully helping each other when neccessary. However, according to this recent post on the CPUN Site, the CPUN are going against ANTA. You now have to make a decision whether to join the ANTA Allies or join the CPUN Rebels.

I talked with Fort and he mentioned that if the CPUN would go along with the Order, they would possibly recieve the Australian Servers to divide amongst themselves. However, it is now assumed that they will not be allowed these privileges as they are rebelling.

You can reader a similar informative post at this link.

I will update you as I recieve more information from Fort or Shadow.

P.S. I managed to get a couple of words with Fort57, one of the two main planners of this. He didn’t really talk in detail, but that’s fine. 😛 I edited some of his words, but the meaning is the same as what he originally said.

Kid Robot: Do you think Order 67 will work?

Fort57: Yes, I do.

Kid Robot: What do you think about VLA [or any smaller semi-large armies] not being a part of ANTA [The Big 5]? [I asked him this because I had thought about how VLA, which was sort of his own army wasn’t a part of The Big 5, I thought he might be dissapointed].

Fort57: I think it’s okay because they [VLA or other small armies] can ally with any of The Big 5 and so they will sort of be a part of ANTA, and stand a good chance of surviving.


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