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The situation worsens… by k
July 11, 2008, 8:57 am
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The Order 67 situation is worsening. People are rebelling all over the place.

Personally I don’t understand why people have problems with Order 67. It’s not like we are destroying all the armies completely. The smaller armies have options to ally with ANTA and then will not be targeted.

The CPUN leader, Mr Deedledo posted a speech on his website about how The Big 5 are too full of pride. He has mentioned how some of the leaders don’t listen to what their troops say, and how if he was leader, he would listen to everything his troops say. I personally don’t agree with this, when Fort57 is on the ACP Chat if someone tells him something, even if it’s not very important, he still listens. I’m sure it’s the same with Abercrombe29, Shadow2446 and Kg 007 [I don’t know about Iceyfeet].

The CPUN are officially rebelling against the ANTA now. They want as many small armies as they can get to join in their rebellion.

ANTA were going to give all the CPUN Armies a chance to survive. Now that the CPUN are rebelling, these privileges are presumably gone.

As always, I’ll update you as soon as I get more news.

P.S. The original Order 67 post is somewhat inaccurate. In the small armies options it mentions them ‘surrendering and following ANTA rules’. You may be thinking that I have got mixed up with this. However, if you scroll down and read the ‘pardons’ section it mentions that any army allied with any of The Big 5 will be excused. So, if you have a small army, ally it to ANTA as soon as possible.


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