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Army Quiz! by χ∂єωραωχ
July 19, 2008, 10:51 pm
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What army should you be in?


What is most important to you?

A) Protecting your beliefs (Me: Right on!)

B) Having fun

C) A little of both?


What is your uniform?

A) Odd.

B) Crazy.

C) FUNKEH! (Me: o.O)


Who is your hero?

A) Oagalthorp!

B) Zippy! (Me: Thank God it’s not Shadow…^^)

C) Pink Mafias!



What is fun to you?

A) No time for fun, saving Club Penguin. (Me: A lil too serious.)

B) Um, beating up bad guys?

C) Protecting my friends!


How many times have you been banned?

A) Once or twice. Lost my temper.

B) What? Have you been stalking me? (Me: So that means a lot I guess…)

C) I made a back up penguin…. Nuff said.


Have you substited words for swear words on club penguin?

A) Once or twice.

B) Duh. (Me: Person man, person man….)

C)Um, maybe?


Who is most important to you in a army?

A) The senior soliders.

B) Myself.

C) My friends.


Do you disrespect your higher ranks?

A) Not at all, unless I deeply hate them.

B) All the time.

C) What?


Are you finished with this quiz?

A) Stick to it till the end.

B) Cya.

C) Depends…


Dun Dun DUN!

Your done!

If you got mostly A’s:


Your a ACP solider. Fighting for whats right and keeping your cool! ACP has a regal air to it. Matches ya, huh?

If you got mostly B’s:

Nacho Fun!

Your a NACHO NACHO NACHO! You love to have fun at any expense. You will disrespect sometimes but you are a somewhat good person.

If you got mostly C’s:


Your a loyal UMA. UMA has gone through some tough times and your quite a trooper. You will stick with your friends and the job no matter what.

Hope you liked it!



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Comment by batista1822

Im an ACP with a nacho veiwpoint…

Comment by snowandice27

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