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July 19, 2008, 4:23 pm
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Whats up?

We have one chunk of news today, and I am scouting the chats to find someone to chat with for a interview….

No interviews today. 😦

Club Penguin has done a major act against armies, almost worse than the damn miniclip act…

They took out the reigons of the servers.

No more UK, England, Aussie, you get the idea.

Armies are being thrown into a panic!

ACP is staying strong.

IW is beginning to see wrong in this act.

Nachos are planning a battle.

Rpf is dying.

UMA is standing along ACP.

A new army is rising named UAV, led by Kg. Join today. For more info, look at the army of the week widget. :)\


Idk if I’m letting Luc take me but probably since Kid aint here.

All ACP, remember to take the ACP Limosine…



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CP needed to have an V.1 version and a V.2 Version so we could have the old and the new.

Comment by Rap-dapidee-doo

Pfft, the rest of ACP Can take that. I’m taking this. http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii282/Rapidy/mehlimo.jpg

Comment by Rap-dapidee-doo

is this the new FR page? thats wat BigP told me

Comment by thecoolpeng918

What’s that? A Hummer limo? Lol.
Rapidy don’t take that beast, come in my car. It owns any cars that you guys have.

Actually you have a choice of the following cars:

1. The Road-Kill Car


2. The W00t W00t Bigger than Sheila’s Car Car


3. The W00t W00t Everything thats in or around the Car comes with the Car Car


Or we could just take this car:


Waddaya say? 😀


Comment by mazachster

Darn, my comment had too many links.

Comment by mazachster

I still don’t have anyone to take me- I see Rapidy already made his way here

Comment by snowandice27

I can’t read the invite! Can someone tell me what it says.

Comment by ktman2

21st of July 2008
Lucario98765’s igloo
12:00 P.M. Pst
server: icebox
lonely penguin: snowandice27

I prefer the road-kill, the Canadian pimp mobile struck me though

Comment by snowandice27

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