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Breaking News~ by χ∂єωραωχ
July 21, 2008, 4:47 pm
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Ok, I have calmed down. XD

I hear around the chats and word spreads quickly in CP Armies, that Shadow2446 has quit Teh Nachos and taken back all his work and is hoping to Join ACP!

Shadow must not join ACP!

I was interviewing his brother, Jojofishy, and he claims Shadow does not care and is throwing a real life party and having the time of his life. UPDATE: Shadow Confirmed Jojo Was lying.

The rumor is that Zippy is declaring war on ACP.

Shadow hears Ice Warrior bells a ringing, ACP Roman Calvarly choirs a singin, Be my mirror my sword and sheild,

He knows Saint Peter won’t call his name.

We can whoop ACP’S ass anyday.”

Zippy claims.

What will happen next in this crazy year? Are armies falling?


Stay tuned in to SheilaGally.com for the latest updates!

Armies are waiting for my head on a silver plate.


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Nice post Shela. I think Shadow sent an assasin already. xD

Comment by jedimaster17

nah acp would kick their ass

Comment by batista1822

We are NOT declaring war on ACP. I can tell you that out right right now.

Comment by AkaBob22-An Indestructible Master of War

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