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I WON!!!!~ by χ∂єωραωχ
July 21, 2008, 4:32 pm
Filed under: SheilaGally.com

w00t w00t! I won the penguin choice awards! I have my speech….

Dear Fellow Penguins,

I would like to thank lots of people for getting me here.

Headofpolice, for being so supportive,

Sir Wurmple for being a great rival,

Kid Robot, for hanging on to the site while I was working hard on the PCA,

Bigmonkey123 for making this contest,

Club Penguin, for making this possible,

And God for making all of this possible!


As you all know I am going away for a lil while on Wednesday. I’ll miss ya T.T



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I am so proud of you! I second your woot

Comment by snowandice27


Comment by batista1822

You really deserved it Sheila! Thanks for adding me in your speech.

You won by a total of 5 votes.


Comment by Blinky

WOOH-HOO! Go Sheila! Go Sheila!

Congrats! You website is one of our faves!


Comment by sipenguin

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