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July 21, 2008, 10:45 pm
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Hello, this army will be added to the army page.

The UAV.

The UAV was formed from KG when he became sick of Commando when he would not make him a admin. UAV stands for United Viking Army. What is up with Fort and KG with vikings? 😆 UAV is a small medium army right now, and its growing fast.

Join UAV at http://unitedarmyofvikings.wordpress.com/join/



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Sheila! I finished your header, ill Mail it to you.

Uhh , I got a new site, darnstraight.wordpress.com , think you could advertise a bit? Mabey Blogroll?

I dont go by BLinky or Bigmonkey123 anymore, i go my my birthed name, Chad.

Thanxx . Love ya!

Comment by Blinky

Freshzac, what is your wordpress account?

Comment by sipenguin

WHAT ABOUT CPR AND DARK RAIDERS AND FIRE RAIDERS AFTER ORDER 67 NO ONE CARE ABOUT THE CP FLYERS AND THE OTHER LIITLE ARMIES im going to start a program its going to be called the little armies of club pegnuin l a cp

Comment by acp medic team leader/kingjared7 will be a Lt.

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