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Exclusive Interview/ My Song by χ∂єωραωχ
August 1, 2008, 10:18 pm
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I got a interview with Fort57!

Here it is! 😉

[16:59] Fort57: ok
[17:00] sheila.gally: Ok, starting now
[17:00] sheila.gally: Can you read this text?
[17:01] Fort57: ya
[17:01] sheila.gally: ok
[17:01] sheila.gally: How did you come up with your Club Penguin name?>
[17:02] Fort57: randomly
[17:02] Fort57: it was gonna be bananabread but it was taken, so it was a spur of the momment thing
[17:03] sheila.gally: Nice. So, did you ever expect to become ACP leader?
[17:03] Fort57: not really
[17:03] Fort57: at least not till oagal told me i was gonna be
[17:04] sheila.gally: What was your reaction?
[17:04] Fort57: ok
[17:04] sheila.gally: What is your birthstone?
[17:05] Fort57: turquoise i think
[17:06] sheila.gally: Cool. Now for the CP Questions. Did you and Kg ever secretly switch places?
[17:07] Fort57: nope
[17:07] sheila.gally: Did you and Kg join Club Penguin at the same time?
[17:08] Fort57: ya
[17:08] sheila.gally: How did you find out about armies?
[17:10] Fort57: kg was looking for cp cheats, found the uma site, and told me about the assassins of club penguin, so i wanted to join, i got to the acp site and found out it was army of club penguin i joined anyways
[17:10] sheila.gally: What is your favorite game?
[17:10] Fort57: on cp
[17:10] Fort57: or anywhere
[17:10] sheila.gally: Yes
[17:10] sheila.gally: On Cp
[17:11] Fort57: cart surfing
[17:11] sheila.gally: How many loyal ACP do you think are out there?
[17:12] Fort57: idk about a million
[17:12] sheila.gally: Lol. Who do you think was the worst and the best ACP solider before you became Leader?
[17:13] Fort57: best acp soldier, oagal, orcacam and penquin jim
[17:13] Fort57: worst acp soldier, none
[17:14] sheila.gally: Cool. What ACP rank were you when you first started out?
[17:17] sheila.gally: Hello?
[17:17] sheila.gally: I’m Sorry, But I have to go, thank you for the interview and thank you for your time.

How cool. I plan to interviw lots more.

Song coming soon.



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You can interview me. I mean, I’m not as famous as Fort but I am currently working with Shadow (Nacho Leader) on a very cool project! I also lead the Club Penguin Rangers (possibly the biggest non major army and a new member of the ANTA) and I am Vice President of the Club Penguin United Nations.


Comment by ktman2

CPR? I would love to join and I would love to interview you! Just leave me a message on my meebo. 😉

Comment by ♥Sheila Gally♥

Remember you were gonna interveiw me for your fifth prize? I already advertised, and added you to the blogroll, I have your header done , email me at thebigcheez@bellsouth.net for it , we still need to meet on CP , and the interveiw thing.

PEECE . darnstraight.wordpress.com
~Chad ( Bigmonkey123)

Comment by [h@D

well i think the wrost troop in club penguin armies is shadow and zippy

Comment by acp medic team leader/kingjared7 will be a Lt.

sheila ive been a fan of u and im kid robots friend i have alot of acp friends ilke heads my friend kids my friend noka is my friend

Comment by acp medic team leader/kingjared7 will be a Lt.

Noka isn’t my friend…

Comment by ♥Sheila Gally♥

We all know that noka and sheila… clash. But yeah, I’m liking the interveiws. Keep them coming.

Comment by snowandice27

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