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ACP News. by χ∂єωραωχ
August 4, 2008, 4:18 pm
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Ok, so here we go with the ACP news.

Welcome everyone, to Sheila’s newschannel. Today we have a boatload of info on the ACP.

Headofpolice got many chances, but Fort had enough and decided to fire him. At least 1/3 of the soliders want him back. Comment on http://acparmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/2008/08/04/hi-guysbye-guys/#comment-49914

To see if you can persuade Fort to stay.

Tomtwelve is also a new author.

In Sheila’s world, A thunderstormis raging 😮



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finally head is out!!! lol

Comment by лặķịβ

If head comes back I’m Leaving, and That’s Final.

Comment by Rap-dapidee-doo

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