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World War 4 – Day Two by k
August 5, 2008, 8:56 pm
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I’m going to call this Day Two instead of Day One, since yesterday was when the first invasion of servers took place, which fully started this war.

Today was basically just armies readying themselves for future battles, deciding which servers they intend on both holding and invading. A couple of armies held invasions: UMA and ACP invaded Nacho Territory with the help of RPF, and UPFA invaded Yukon successfully, securing it as their home server.

If I have time over the coming days, I will make a chart for each day showing how servers have changed hands. This probably won’t happen though, as I am snowed under [not literally, it’s nice weather here :P] with stuff in real life. I therefore have limited computer access certainly for at least a month. And when we are all back at school I still won’t be on as much as I used to. In fact, I probably won’t come on chats etc. at all. It’s kind of sad because I really thought I had the potential to do well in ACP, some of my friends have also said that they could see me as being a good officer, or even ACP leader :O Well, that would certainly be nice, I can think of lots of things I would change with how the army community works, hopefully for the better, but I’m really not expecting anything like that even if I was online more, let alone barely coming online like at the moment. Wow that was a long sentence, and wow I kind of got side tracked. I’d better go.


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Ill hardly be on if I do get on. My school starts this week

Comment by snowandice27

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