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Drama in the ACP.. Oagal claims to be “Semi-Retired” by saintandnaruto4000
August 11, 2008, 4:21 pm
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“OAGALTHORP: It’s this kind of rash, hostile behavior that disqualifies many good soldiers from ever earning future leadership. Here’s how it goes . . .

  1. Oagalthorp created the ACP, and led it for over two years.
  2. Oagal semi-retired, and left the ACP to Fort.
  3. Fort quit, and Oagal was left with the decision of finding a new leader.
  4. Oagal decided that the best way of finding a new leader was to host a debate; from my experience, a person’s debating skills can represent their leadership skills.
  5. Rapidy won, because A) he has been a more active soldier than just about anyone else (that is what I look for in soldiers), and B) he handled my scenarios extremely well in the debate.
  6. Fort got impatient as I was writing my post to declare Rapidy the new leader, so Fort made his own, quick, not-as-well-thought-out post declaring Dr Nono as the leader.
  7. But, seeing as how I created and led this army for so long, it was my responsibility to find the new leader, not Fort’s.

So Rapidy is the leader, and Dr Nono needs to stop these posts before he get’s things out of hand. Dr, I’m not saying that you don’t deserve the leadership position; you do. But so do about ten other people, and Rapidy deserves it the most.”

“Well, as you know, Oagal was just being a jerk and wanted to crush my hopes and dreams. So, he made Rapidy leader when I was just getting settled in. His excuse it that…

1. “I’m not active”: Well, Oagal, I was on vacation last week and painting houses w/ my church the week before.

2. “I’m new”: I’ve been in the ACP for almost a year, that’s not new! TomY was in the ACP longer, but Fort was still made leader!

So clearly, Oagal doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Clearly, he is just being arrogant and wants us to automatically assume that his opinion is the right thing. He can’t demote me now that I’m already leader, anyway. I will make a poll so that the people can decide, something that should have been done a long time ago! This will decide who will be leader, regardless of Oagal’s decision.


Just know that, whatever the decision, I will accept it. I will accept anything that comes from the whole army, but I will not accept what comes from Oagal, our RETIRED leader who has no right to make the decision now that it has already been made.

Rock on!

-!<~Dr Nono Jr~>!-“






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