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Oagal makes war with IW and more.. by saintandnaruto4000
August 12, 2008, 1:18 am
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Oagalthorpe, So called “semi-retired”, declares war with IW and Nachos talk smack of acp. Almost all of the acp says that oagal should leave and people have been takeing actions. Cooltiger has made the RACP, Rebels of the Army of Club Penguin, to rebel from oagal and his followers. So now for the nachos smack talk.

“Today Fort aka,aber,and iceyfeat decided to end the war.witch i thought was a horrible idea.We beat acp tons of times in wars thanks to the amazing support and power of the ice warriors.But then Oagal and Fort got in a pretty fun-to-watch fight on acp chat.FYI, Fort owned Oagal.Oagal wants war with IW now.So its gonna be IW vs Acp.NO allies aloud to take part.About the other war.I think the nachos and IW won,all together we have 8 servers and acp has 4( thats what jungle n said ) so im pretty sure we won.”- terrking24

So from this as we can see oagal has been making acp turn into the most hated army yet. What have the acp soliders been saying?

“He sucks” says one solider.

“He needs to get out of our buisiness” says another

“I thought hes supposed to be retired why all of a sudden is he back and trying to ruin us?” says one angry solider

Well as u can see oagal isnt the most popular person but he dose have some followers. Of course Rapidy is on his side since he also claims to be acp leader, but  Dr Nono jr (Fort57’s pick) has other plans. So is this war going to be held?! Is any acp going to fight?! Only you kno.

This is Saint signing off with CP War news


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I belive oagalthorp was a great leader when he WAS leader. he is not leader anymore and he is retired. it’s time for him to go. i am a loyal ACP soldier but i am not loyal to oagalthorp.

Comment by seaneahwk

p.s. sheila i’m sorry for linking you to that site, and i just want to be your friend 😦 i only linked you that because i was bored. I don’t want something like this to ruin our friendship. can we be friends (again)?

Comment by seaneahwk

he was an ok leader i joined acp in feb. during the war so i did not really know him i think a great leader would be boomer or jungle

Comment by acp medic team leader/kingjared7 will be a Lt.

fort needs to take i break for a few weeks then come back think about what he done and try to get acp back up and running

Comment by acp medic team leader/kingjared7 will be a Lt.

Make a new post about Oagal’s new post.

Comment by AkaBob22-An Indestructible Master of War

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