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Disturbing happenings in Club Penguin World by χ∂єωραωχ
August 21, 2008, 6:48 pm
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Hello, Sheila Gally with the news here!

The ship igloo came out.shipigloo2.jpg

Disturbing happenings in Club Penguin have been well, HAPPENING. 😆

Newstory number 1

Hackers are EVERYWHERE!

The CPIP has made Club Penguin more vunderable to hackers, or is it disney? This is a disturbing matter. Here we are on the web with penguins being banned from 24 to forever. Still no reason why. They say Club Penguin is DOOMED. The hackers are being paid in high amounts. I’m getting tired of hearing Ohhing and awwing. Dont give them attention, they wont hack. Hacking slows CP down and screws up our computers. Do you want your parents yelling at you because you praised a hacker? I didn’t think so. DON’T GIVE THEM ANY ATTENTION!

Second Headline:



The Nachos declared war once the ACP decided to invade a whole list of servers. As we speak, in matterhorn, troops are being fought in the dojo, bravely led by CasiusBrutius. We are taking shelter in the HQ in the rising storm. This war will probably be one of the greatest yet:

When:Saturday,August 23rd,2008.

Where:They are attacking the 3rd page… We don’t know what Server first….

Time: -5pm PST

-6pm Mountian

-7pm Centeral

-8pm EST

Still no reason why! A little bit longer, and we will be fine!



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