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Kid Robot quit… :( by χ∂єωραωχ
August 21, 2008, 7:47 pm
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A friend, a good solider, and a all around good penguin has quit. Kid Robot has retired from Club Penguin. Here is his speech…

Too much has changed. It’s time for me to leave.

Firstly I just want to say why I am quitting. Firstly, and primarily, because I am now 15, I feel a need to go on to do other things with my time, rather than Club Penguin, and groups based around it. Secondly, because my school exam results aren’t what they were a few years ago, and I think Club Penguin is partly responsible for that. Thirdly, because with the current leaders, I personally believe this army is going to detoriate, if not collapse.

I feel that I could have gone on to get much higher in ACP. But, I’m getting old for CP now, so I think my time is up for retirement.

For my rank, I would like it if CasiusBrutus could select someone to fill it, or just remove me completely me from the ACP. Cas, use your discretion and choose someone who you believe has the qualities to be a good soldier. If this isn’t possible, then I suppose Rapidy will choose someone to fill my rank, or just remove me completely.

I have alot more things to say but I’m not going to say them now. Instead, I’m going to thank people who have helped me in my journey to become a trusted officer of the ACP. These are in no particular order, rather they are in the order that they are on my Xat Friends list, plus they are roughly grouped into armies. Some of the people I was not sure about their armies so i guessed. D If I missed someone out, I’m so sorry, it’s just…look how many people I had to remember to put in. Even if I missed you out, don’t think that I’m not grateful to you. Here goes:


Oagalthorp – Well I highly doubt you will read this, but you always deserve a thank you for creating this army. If it weren’t for you, I would not be typing this.

Fort57 – Great leader, cool guy, good friend…What more can I say? Thanks for leading this army and for all the promotions. )

Headofpolice – Sure, you annoyed me intensely at times [what about the time when that picture of you’re brother saying you were gay prompted you to attempt to fire me from ACP?] but you were still a good friend and soldier. I think that you can do well if you try not to let other peoples petty arguments with you get you down.

Tom Yellow – R.I.P. XD You were funny, almost always in a good mood and I liked your Toms Cold Adventures so much that I made a tribute! You know about that. ;) If you just came back, you could ressurect your site to glory once again.

Casiusbrutus – I think you were my single biggest “inspiration” in ACP. You believe in the same leadership styles I do, share many beliefs with me, and share our Great British Nationality. D W00t! You were a great friend and a great soldier. Good luck.

Tostipotato – I never ever saw you in a bad mood. Apart from once, you told me that you got angry with me once because I refused to accept your friend invitation on CP. I don’t even remember that. XD If you had stayed in ACP, I think you could have got far. You always stayed out of arguments and lowered the tension with a joke when people were angry with each other. Good luck killing chickens!

Blue speed 7 – You were just an all round good friend. Always supportive. I think we had one argument at one point, but now we are still good friends. See ya!

Thunder562 – I finally got my Pokemon DP WFC working. My friend code is 4726 0019 9477 so add me some time and we might be able to battle. The time when I suddenly logged off Xat when I was talking to you was actually when I changed my Wireless Security settings so I could use WFC. In the process, I locked myself and my family out of our wireless internet. Other than that, yeah you were a cool friend and fun to talk to.

Marineman2 – You were a very good soldier in battle. You always carried out what the leader had said without hesitation, and suggested your own tactics which often proved successfull. Good luck in ACP.

Blete – I don’t really have anything unique to say. Just, thanks for being a good friend, and good luck in ACP.

Cooltiger413 – You don’t often come on anymore, and you probably won’t see this, but still I’m gonna type it. D You shared an interest with me for Tomtwelves CP History. I hope you continue making the YouTube Videos of the story.

Tomtwelve – Like I said above, I am a real fan of you’re “made up CP history”. ) So I hope you continue to make those stories and I wish you luck in ACP.

The Jungle N – However much you annoyed me, you were still a great soldier. I’m sure lot’s of people could learn from a fighting style like yours. Don’t get too defensive about NBB, you should go far. D You’re site is well maintained and fun to watch. I especially liked the “Pics of the Week” section.

Boomer 20 – You were just cool. D I don’t remember ever seeing you in battle, but you were certainly cool to talk to on ACP Chat. I can definitely see you as being a great leader. Oh, and your post after the ACP won that battle [yeah I can’t remember which one] was a great piece of writing. You always made good posts, speeches and comments. Plus you captured a picture of Billybob saying “ACP Rules” which was one of the things that prompted me to join ACP. http://ssacpsecretspyagencyofclubpenguin.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/boomer-pic.jpg You can’t get much cooler than that.

Nakib – Again, you annoyed my intensely with certain things but you were a good soldier and a good friend. Good luck with the site!

Peguin21795 – Shame you’re in China. You were awesome. ‘Nuff said really.

Penguin47212752 – I don’t really have anything to thank you for. You annoyed me and argued with me even when what you were saying made no sense. Still, I wish you luck in ACP.

ACPE1 – You quit, so I doubt you will see this, but you were awesome. I never really talked to you, apart from one huge talk when Fort [pretended to] quit, when you revealed some great leadership skills. Good luck with what you decide to do in life.

Lucario – I can’t remember all the numbers after your name. You were a funny guy, a good soldier and a great friend. You were the first person who started me in my ACP journey, giving me the rank of Lieutenant in your brigade right before Oagalthorp quit. If it wasn’t for you giving me a head start with my rank, I almost certainly wouldn’t be as high as I am now.

Rapidy – Meh…I still can’t believe how much you and Head used to argue. I think I am being a little harsh to you as leader, it’s mostly Dr Nono Jr who I feel is gonna mess up this army. You’re not that active though, so I don’t know why Oagalthorp chose you to be leader. Nonetheless, good luck leading this army, and with whatever else you choose to do.

Mazachster – I really don’t like you, but I have to thank you for pushing me to quit AOH and join ACP, along with Dr Nono Jr. You weren’t a very good soldier though. Spamming an enemies chatbox is a pretty stupid tactic.

Sheila Gally – You were probably my best friend in the whole of ACP. ^_^ What can I really say? You were a really good soldier and a really good friend. Good luck in ACP, with the site, and everything else. Thank you, you’ll be greatly missed, Kid. 😥

Dr Nono Jr – Along with Maz, I have to thank you for pushing me to quit AOH and join ACP. Other than that…I didn’t really know/like you. I hope that your leadership skills prove better than I think they will.

Noka 7 – Another annoying one. Still, I counted you as a friend, so I will thank you for the occasional encouragement. Your cousins suck.

Seanehawk – I got really fed up with you at one point [I don’t even remember why now] and we had a big row. But you were still my friend, and one of the only people I know who shared my interest in Classical Music. Ludwig Van Seanehawk. D

Speedmobile – I don’t really have anything special to say. Just, thanks for being a friend and good luck in ACP.

Superhighfly – Same as above really. You were a good friend, and I wish you luck in ACP.

Coleslaw7175 – Well buddy boy, seeing as I’m quitting I guess Sheila is free now. I’ll let you two sort it out together. Good luck in ACP.


Abercrombe29 – Thanks for being a good friend and encouraging me with loads of things. Sorry I never made that UMA banner for you, but at least you can make them yourself now, lol. Good luck with everything.

Kg 007 – “The Funny One”. You were a great friend, really funny, and always good to talk to when I had a problem or was unhappy. I wish you luck with whatever you go on to do.


Abced101 – You were the one who helped me meet Vital Viper. That was awesome. Then we went on to create the Robbers Gang together, which was fun while it lasted. I think you quit now, but still you were cool and I hope you manage to read this. Good luck with everything.

Rockstar74 – I have a horrible feeling that you are in ACP, but I don’t want to change it in case I get it wrong. You were rarely on, but when you were on, you were cool to talk to, and you gave me all those cool nicknames and symbols. You were the one who first dubbed me “The Quiet One”. Good luck.

1997jan7th – I think I got your name right. Sorry if I didn’t. I just want to say I hope you carry on the Robbers Gang that me and Abced101 started. It could go on to be great. D


Dialga80 – You almost definitely won’t read this but I still wanna thank you for being a good friend for the two or three weeks when I actually knew who you were. You helped me with Pokemon, and asking Lucario for help just isn’t the same. ;)


Hoppytoe – I don’t think you are in an army so I’ll put you down here in a Miscellany section. You were a good friend, always encouraging to everyone and trying to stop arguments. If you were in an army, you could go far. Good luck with whatever you do.

So I suppose that’s it…Half an hours worth of typing later, I’m done.

Thank you to everyone above, even if I said you annoyed me, you made my unique experience in ACP what it was.

I will no longer be on the chat, apart from maybe once a month for like ten minutes or something.

So…if you don’t see me later on the chat…Bye all. March On.

P.S. Please spread this post around so everyone knows I have retired and reads their section.

-Kid Robot
-The Quiet One

This is sad….

~Sheila 😥


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we’ll miss you

Comment by Lil Cali Boy

i meant we’ll miss u Kid Robot

Comment by Lil Cali Boy

we have lost a good troop today kid you where one of the best troops i ever saw it was an honor seveing with u ! whos next tom y kid robot WHOS NEXT ???????

Comment by acp medic team leader/kingjared7 will be a Lt.

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