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Retirement… by χ∂єωραωχ
August 26, 2008, 10:12 pm
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Hola. the day has come that I quit ACP. There are many people who i would like to thank but I have little time. So I’ll give out the highlighted penguins.


Oagalthorp: You were a great leader, although you did not know when to quit. You were a memorable penguin to fight with, I’m glad to have served you this coming 2 years.

Fort57: You were a JERK. You ignored everyone, and never payed any attention to me, even when I asked you a question. I knew you hated me, so dont try to act innocent, jerk.

Abercrombe29: You were one of my best friends, sticking up for me and everything. I am glad you succeeded in Club Penguin, and hopefully you will continue.

Tom Yellow: Thanks for giving me a first taste of Modship. You always made us laugh and you were a nice guy. Toms Cold Adventures was my fav CP show. RIP TomY. I hope you rise from the dead soon.

Zippy500: One of the best guys I’ve known. I was glad to know someone that I could understand, I was sorry about your sister. You knew how to have fun and when to put your foot down. If only you wouldn’t of hired Shadow.

Shadow2446: You were a jerk. We were friends for the summer but then you turned back into your normal lying self.

JoJoFishy: You were awesome. I couldn’t believe you were Shadow’s brother.

Rapidy: Awesome friend. Awesome person. Thanks for making me a Admiral, and hoping I would stay.

Shaboomboom: How gay you were. I truly hated you, but when I asked for a truce, you denied and continued to hate. That was foolish, and you are continueing to become foolish, until you make a huge mistake that will cost you.

Noka/Saintnick: I hated you. I never liked you. You were mean and foolish and wanted me to be your friend and then dissed me behind my back. The world is better off without you, jerk.

Kg007: You were fun. But then you insulted me in the end.

Kid Robot: My best friend. He helped me with my site and I’m glad. Thanks for being such a great friend, Kid.

Jim456: Thanks for supporting me.

Everyone: Thanks to everyone, even those who hated me. You let me face in my ACP Life, Rivalry, Fun, seriousness, and hope.




“Don’t be sad because its over,

 be happy because it happened.”

 A little bit longer….

And I’ll be fine.


Sheila Gally

😦 bat


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im gonna actually miss you

Comment by coleslaw7175

Good luck.

Comment by TheBridgett

ok, at what point did I insult you? I was just asking questoins cause I had absolutly no idea what was happening.
Remember when u made everyone “Lmfao?”

Comment by Kg 007

stop lyin u know that u broke the treaty and i wouldnt accept another treaty.
I didnt break it. 🙄 U are gonna be IP banned if you don’t shut up.

Comment by Shaboomboom

cia sheila im going to miss u

Comment by wgfv

Lol wat bout me? Rember yesterday on the chat

Comment by ponchieoo

where gonna miss you it was my pleasure supporting you shelia

Comment by Jim456

I’m looking for you again. You can’t hide from Rap, you can only run from it. I’m known to be awesome, so people call me Mr. Awesome.

~Rapidy aka Mr Awesome

Comment by ((((((Rapidy))))))

bye ( salutes )

Comment by djgtjvgyhxgy usa romans head emperor and cpw general

Bye Sheila , I will miss you 😦
O yeah and Head hated you 😉
Why are you quitting ❓

~~ The Beast ~~

Comment by Miroos

oh no gally 😦 dont go

Comment by head

Bye Sheila hope you will come back or just chat at the ACP Council Chat r any chat.Hope to see you soon *cries*

Comment by ♦NakiB♦

bye sheila 😥

Comment by bluespeed77

Please come back dont quit please sheil!!Quitting=Bad Rejoiining = Good 😉 xD

Comment by ♦NakiB♦


Comment by cycle22

noooo! 😦

Live Free Die Well!

Flying Hatt Kun aKa Hattrick

ps. u were a good friend to me even though we never really talked xD. Sometimes People are like that. Its how the world was made. 😐
Me gonna miss you!

Comment by flyinghatkun

Bye Sheila. We had a rough spot along the way, but I hope you still consider me your friend. We will miss you…

Your friend,

Comment by Boomer 20

i didnt know you much but some times i really liked you
you were a good soldier and even though nobody knows it,
i will miss you

Comment by blkyofcp

Tom Yellow died?

Comment by Trylltur

Sigh…looks like I’m forgotten just like I thought I would be. *turns over in grave* You did well Sheila, I hope people don’t forget you. I don’t know how you found out you had Crohns, (sometimes I think I might have it) but I hope that your retirement life will be great. What will you do with your site?

Comment by ACPE 1/RPA Ambassador 1 (dropping in, deceased on CP reborn in real life)

I’m keeping it. I just quit from ACP.

Comment by ♥Sheila Gally♥

by sheila even though we were up and down and i did act a jerk, ill miss u

Comment by terryking24 owns

I may never drop in again, my real life is going to be really busy working hard to achieve my dream of leaving California when I grow up.

Comment by ACPE 1/RPA Ambassador 1 (dropping in, deceased on CP reborn in real life)

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