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coins glitch by batista1822
August 31, 2008, 6:34 pm
Filed under: SheilaGally.com

 I’ve just found some more club penguin cheats. This one will let you get free coins! It’s working And I’ve tried it on my spear penguin. And It’s working. Here’s how you do it.

1. Go to a non-chat server. (It don’t work on a chat server)

2. Click on the game “DJ3K” But don’t hit play.

3. Hit “tab” until it’s on the “home” icon.

4. Now hit either the “enter” key if you’re on windows, And If you’re on mac then hit “return”.

5. Now you’ll be in you’re igloo, Now you guys can hit play.

6. Keep hitting enter. Now hit the “x” button on the top right hand corner. Hit that 2 times. The 1st time will get you like 5 coins, The next time will give you over 500 coins! Keep hitting “x” and you’ll be able to get as many as you need.

7. Log-out and you’ll get you’re coins!

That’s all guys.



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Bye bat.You are delted from my site

Comment by capuzzi

😀 He owns you, btw.

Comment by ♥Sheila Gally♥

That’s why he quit your site for mine.how does that work

It works because you suck d!ck and I own you. Bat deserves better, u lying cheater.

Comment by capuzzi

sheila remember ur old header with the 3 reporter penguins 1 with a sombrero and the 2 others had like tuxedos?if u do then can u tell me where u found it cuz iwould like to make it my header

Comment by cpnewschannel7

this stupid thing doesnt wirk.

Comment by Shelby

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