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Elite Force Screenshots by χ∂єωραωχ
October 10, 2008, 8:54 pm
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What they play has uncovered some screenshots for us for the CP Ds game, Elite Penguin Force, coming out this November 4th!


image (DS held Sideways for DPR) (Dance Penguin Revoulition XD)



Cool, isn’t it?



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Well I think I’ll get the video game!

Comment by clones leader Blueswill

Cool, I’m going to get it too.

Comment by ♪Sheila Gally♪

me three! lol…oh and sheila, my site got deleated so it is now http://www.cphattrick.wordpress.com


Comment by hattrick

If I only had a DS 😆

I still like my PSP. 😛

Comment by ((((((Rapidy))))))

note that the pictures link to my site. where’s my credit?!

Comment by tomtwelve

seriously. where’s my credit.

Comment by tomtwelve

i took them from what they play…

Comment by ♪Sheila Gally♪

yet they link directly to my site. 😯

Comment by tomtwelve

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