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New Look, New Post by χ∂єωραωχ
October 26, 2008, 11:54 am
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Sheila here with some updates and news!

I cleaned up the layout and remade my wordpress icon. I also made a new header. Do you know how hard it is to make a cool header without photoshop? Really HARD! But I’m not spending 70$ so I can make pretty pictures. Thats what Santa is for! 😛 I am going to make this site great. We also have a new view widget, like it? I added the new theme. I believe this was the Old Acp theme. Don’t kill me, Oagal-sama!

K, you guys ask me a lot why I call you guys “Chan” and “Kun”..I made this chart to help you!

Chan: Young girl or friend, can be used for immature boys

Kun: For boys or animals, more formal then Chan, endearment

Sama: Great Respect

Senpai: Of Lower class, low rank

Sensei: Teacher or high rank

Bozu: Idiot

Theres some japanese for the day, eh? ♥

Cof News!

Good job, soldiers! We are growing fast. Pretty soon we can raid on BB and get some servers. I would like to thank the three founders:

Rapidy, Chapa, and I

Lol. So, the invasion on the BB Server is:

Wednesday the 29 @ 6:00 Pm PST


K, we will train throughout the week. It would be best to keep this invasion quiet.

So, whats up in CP? The party is coming to a end…and in 3 years that beta hat will be worth wasting 3 seconds for! 😛 Cp told us that they were releasing trading cards in mid November. I’m guessing that CP will take over the world. It has something to do with EPF.






I’m not buying trading cards.. *Cough*Webkinz*Cough*

The above picture was really cool…But the puffle ruined it. 😦

Oh, Btw, I am still doing GallyTv, I’m working on episode 2.

Featured Video of the post:

The most awesomest anime ever!




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Give me credit for the music swfs page or i will have to report u to wordpress

Comment by ojoc

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