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The Arashikage Clan is back by penguin2senate
November 1, 2008, 9:52 pm
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Well ninjas are in CP 95% sure! Why? Well you notice ninjas lately. Here is a timeline of how ninjas came.

Hm, there seem to be many different ninja sightings lately. This is the latest timeline.

You see, long ago the island was ruled by 2 ninja clans: The Arashikage and The Tyrantek. There was a great battle between the two that lasted centuries. Penguin settlers came and sided with The Arashikage , driving the Tyrantek from the land. Greatly weakened from the Great War, the Arashikage clan divided themselves. Some served the PSA as Elites, but the others hid themselves. Vowing they will return when the great evil of the Tyrantek reveals itself again.

This is a timeline of ninja sightings.

  1. The Dojo was found years ago, a forsaken traing ground of the Arashikage.
  2. The ninja mask was the free item in the 2006 Halloween party.

On the old club penguin home page if you clicked the N in the night club sign the penguin went all black with a mask.

  • The final Easter egg in the 2007 hunt was a ninja egg.
  • During the clubpenguin commercial on disney channel, a ninja could be seen in the background.
  • If you go to www.clubpenguin.com/ninja it will have the Uh Oh! you have… message like always but in gray and black letters.
  • The symbol of the Arashikage clan was lightning. During the Halloween party of 2008, the black silhouette of a penguin could be seen on the dojo walls when lightning flashed.
  • In the Official Ultimate Guide to Club Penguin! in the poster there is a hidden ninja!

So is this the return of the ninjas? Could war of the two clans come and will the penguins set up training and became helping the Arashikage Clan like they did years ago? Go to http://clubpenguin.com/Ninja the text ARE IN BLACK! Go on any random club penguin unknown sites the text are regular For example http://clubpenguin.com/aaaajhuvchweriu TEXT ARE NORMAL!

  • In the front flap of the new treasure book it says you can buy access to secret rooms!

Is anybody but me seeing a pattern here? I think the time has come for the Arashikage to awaken


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ninja? ths post interesting since i’m into naruto manga. will check out the given url!

Comment by renaye

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