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Coins For Change by χ∂єωραωχ
November 28, 2008, 9:50 pm
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My friends, I have something to tell you.

Last year, Club Penguin created Coins For Change, a program to help determine how much of a million dollars would be given to what charity. This year, it is happening again. We are able to choose the following:

Coins for change will be returning on December 12th to 22nd. 1 million dollars will be donated in these three catagories:

Kids who are sick

Kids who are poor and cannot go to school

Kids who lost their parents and hurt in a war.

I reccomend you choose option 3. Because, even though this is only a game, we know what it is like to be hurt when someone is lost in a war. We know when someone retires, it pierces our heart like a thorn. We should participate in coins for change and help these children, because they, like us, are fighting for freedom.


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first your a lame
Someone got IP Banned! 🙂

Comment by kingjared/cpun vice govenor of Atctic/CPUNE 2 ambassador

Why do you even care about this site then?

Comment by ((((((Rapidy))))))


😀 🙂 😦 😮 😯 8) 😡 😛

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Comment by batista1822

:sunny: :albino: :cherry: :santa: :rendeer:

:farao: :king: :queen: :joker: :geek: :scratch:

:study: :elephant: :flower: :afro: :lol!:

Comment by batista1822


Comment by batista1822

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