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Army Journey, chapters 1-4 by χ∂єωραωχ
November 30, 2008, 5:03 am
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I never thought of how our lifes would end. All of us were brought together to defeat a common enemy. What a perfect time to strike, in the middle of the night! I brought the age of ACP to life, and here I was, amongst my own brothers and sisters. My wish to go out with a bang had been fufilled. I held my sisters hand as clamor was released by a young solider, which was brutally cut off.The enemies eyes glinted as they sauntered forward to kill us.

I didn’t want us to die like this.

Chapter 1

Sheila Gally

The warm breeze brushed my face as we entered the field. “ACP! ACP! ACP!” Soliders chanted as the fans went wild. A blimp flew overhead that read, “Army World Championship”.  The fans cheered as Boomer stepped out of the crowd, followed by Ankita, Shaboom, and Oagalthorp. “We gather here today!” Boomer yowled, “To honor our year together as Armies!” He finished. The sky was filled with trained green puffles, flying in order to announce the armies names.

I glanced over as the Nachos entered through the other door. Suddenly, confetti sprayed from the blimp, and fiesta music sounded as the Nachos marched forward. Person and Akabob emerged from the crowd. Boomer cautiously moved forward to shake hands before the battle began.

“LET THE FIGHT BEGIN!” The referee yowled.

Chapter 2


I quickly passed out the soliders guns. “Shab, man the bombs!” I shouted as I tossed him the keys to the bomb area. I watched as we moved out, prepared. “Now!” Gunshots fired as soliders charged forward. “For justice!” They shouted. Boomer noticed Person whispering to Akabob. He caught the words ‘Surprise’ and ‘3 minutes’.

I quicky pulled out my iPeng and sent a text to the ACP soliders that read, “Beware, take cover in 3 minutes.” I would not be fooled. I pondered for a minute, thinking. I stifled a laugh at the Nacho’s attempt at war. Suddenly, a blow to my head knocked my gun out of my hand. I heard a rumbling laugh as I turned to face Person.

The 3 minutes had passed.

Chapter 3

Rapidy and Headofpolice

I quickly dodged a bullet shot from Puckley. I  scoured the crowd for Kg, who had been chosen to be a referee. I quickly saw him glaring at Fort, who had stolen his cookies, on the referee pole. I heard the cheers of RPF as I saw that Noka, n00bsauce, was surronded by RPF soliders. I went on, looking for a Nacho solider. I saw Person’s sombreo and I aimed for his throat. He was leaning over a rock…? I saw that Person was not leaning over what was a rock, but Boomer. “Boomer!” I shouted as I shot a blow to Person’s arm. He let out a screech of pain and used his iPeng to teleport to his base to get healed. I scowled as I saw that Head had the same expression as I as he looked at Boomer. “We are going to have to work together to save him. Get Sheila.” I said with a twinge of regretfullness. I dialed Sheila on my iPeng, only to see her already tripping over bodies to come to us.


I glanced back at Rapidy and nodded. I settled my gaze onto Boomer. His sides were heaving; he let out short quick gasps. Sheila settled onto the blood stained ground as her iPeng set up a medic forcefield. “He’s scarcely breathing! I’ll kill Person!” She spat as she put a wet towel onto his forehead. After 10 minutes of watching and treating, Boomer sat up and blinked. “What happened?” He said. “You were malicously, and unfairly, knocked out by Person.” I said as Boomer got up. “The hour has run out!” Sheila gasped. “We have 5 minutes to get to the referee poll to get the results!”

Chapter 4


I watched as the penguins gathered. I heard the victory phrases “They sucked!” and “We won!” whispered amongst the crowd. I saw Head and Rapidy in the front. I blinked; I was shocked they weren’t fighting. I thrust myself forward. “The winner is…” I said. “A tie.” I said. A chorus of “WHAT!” and “Ahh, crap!” circled the crowd. “You all did a great job today-” I said as a scream. It sounded dangerously close. “KG!” Hattrick cried as I turned around to see Kg being taken into a helicopter.

The helicopter flew away, away, away.


 To be continued!


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This is good enough for me to print out and read at school 😆
Aw, Ty.

Comment by ((((((Rapidy))))))

You forgot the part where AkaBob22 backhands you across the face and you die due to blood-loss 😀

Comment by AkaBob22-An Indestructible Master of War

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