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Army Journey Chapters 5-7 by χ∂єωραωχ
November 30, 2008, 5:11 pm
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Chapter 5

Kg007 and Hattrick

All I clearly remember is this: I heard a gunfire, and I was put under. I heard the shocked gasps of the crowds grow fainter as a light lulled me to sleep. I struggled, but in the end, I involuntary gave in.

~3 Hours Later~

I woke up. “Fort…?” I mumbled. I tried to stand up, but I fell straight back down. Stupid Drugs, I thought. Where was I now? I blinked my eyes open and observed my surrondings. Black. Gloomy. Was this RPF territory? I heard a slam and a scream. Rushing sounded outside my cell, then ran back to my cell. “Look, its a noble solider!” The cape penguin laughed. My bars collapsed as the Penguin entered. “I’m Sangui.” He said. I got a good look at him: A black penguin wearing a noble black hat. Black mask, and hiking boots. What a n00b…

My iPeng started rumbling as I heard a familar voice. “Kg! Hold on, were coming to get you soon!” A voice said bitterly as my iPeng beeped. Sangui, confused, slapped the iPeng unto the floor and cocked his gun.

“You have 10 seconds to tell me who you are or Kg is dead!”

“You have 10 seconds to tell me who you are or Kg is dead!”

Well, this was a screw up. “Nice going, idiot!” I hissed to Smoothies, Kg’s cousin. Aber was seated by Fort, whispering unheard things. “Kg is going to die!” Waddlebox wailed as Annie quickly slapped her hand over his mouth.  “Hattrick, you should tell him.” A voice said, as Oagalthorp stepped out of the shadows.

“We are the army of Club Penguin. We’ll rescue Kg because we can, because Justice is Justice, and Freedom is Freedom!” I snarled as I slammed the phone down and hit the destruct key.

“Quick! Cross Locate the iPeng!” Oagalthorp said, hopping into the ACP Tank.

Kg, we’re coming!


Chapter 6


Of course, we all got out our iPengs and entered the chat.

Words like “Lost” and “Death” spiraled around the chat as enemy spys were kicked off and banned. I preferablly would of liked to stay in my cozy igloo at home re-reading Twilight, but it wasn’t going to happen tonight. “Aber.” Fort whispered. “What’ll we do if Kg is dead?” He asked. I blinked innocently, to see if I could throw him off. But he just frowned and kept questioning me.

Chapter 7


As soon as I heard Kg was kidnapped, I boarded my jet and head over to Mammoth. I quickly dialed Sheila on my iPeng. “Sheila! Details!” I said as I dropped my tea bag into my cup. “Well, the tournament went well and it was a tie and Kg was knocked out and taken into a helicopter!” She said in one breath. “Sheila, relax.” I said. I sipped my tea. “Tell Boomer I’ll be there in 3 minutes.”

After the flight, I put on my scarf and exited my plane. “Please, keep the change.” I said as I tossed the pilot a coin. “Boomer!” I shouted as the plane took off, vexingly. I ran to the crowd that was crowding around Boomer as he was talking about our plan. He nodded at me, and went on.

“We shall attack now!”


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1st and lol i like my chapter

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